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Can you imagine the internet without content, no words, no images, no videos? Of course not, search engines search for content!

It’s a search engines job to read and interpret all the content submitted online to determine which is the best to show the searcher depending on the keywords they entered into the search box.

In it’s simplest form, Google is just a computer system that provides the best content it can to anyone who is looking for answers. Search engines like Google want to provide the searcher with the right content, answering their question as easily and efficiently as possible. This ensures the searchers keep coming back, and Google keeps making money.

When you know this it becomes clear that the business with the most content on a particular topic will likely rank higher and generating more leads. If your site has one or two pages, search engines wont see you as an authority and will likely show your competition (who have more or better content) over your own site.

We know how to gain massive trust and authority through the search engines by generating content on all the relevant topics within your business. This is the first step in the process and gives you the best foundation to stick it to your competitors. In many cases, we create hundreds of pages for your website over the length of the campaign. How many other SEO companies do you know that will do that for you?


When it comes to ranking a business online its important to have local citations. A citations is a listing with your business name, business address and business phone number all in one place, and in the correct format.

Local Business Citations are the most important factor when ranking your website in the local map pack which brings in a majority of leads from mobile devices. Not only will you be ranking #1 in the Google organic listings, but you will also claim top stop in the Maps pack. We have proven this to almost double the number of calls when compared to Number 1 spot in just organic.

Every time we take on a new business we make sure to list you in every Australian business directory possible. We have a list of a little over 240. We also use our own in house strategy to generate a citation on a range of high power website that most search engine optimisation services neglect or simply do no know about.

An added bonus to local business directories is the direct traffic they send you from people on the website. Some good examples are Yellow Pages, Yelp, Hotfrog, Gumtree and True Local.


#1 Local SEO Company
Link Building Strategy
Black-Hat SEO Vs White-Hat SEO: The Truth.

Black Hat SEO Explained: Back-links created against Google’s guidelines.

White Hat SEO Explained: Back-links created within Googles guidelines.

The Truth. Any link created with the purpose of increasing rank is against Google Guidelines. There is no such thing as white-hat or black-hat, just SEO that works and SEO that doesn’t.


If the internet is build from content, it is connected by links.

The algorithm that controls where a website ranks in Google is heavily effected by the quality, power and number of links that are pointed towards that content. The reason for this is pretty simple.

Think of a link to your website as a vote. Each website that links to your website is someone who is willing to send people from their site too yours. Google recognises this and will award you with higher or lower search engine results depending on a few factors.

If the website linking to you is trustworthy and has a lot of authority, you will see a sharp jump in the search results. If the website linking to you is spammy, new, or of lower trust, it will do nothing or in some cases, lower your ranking in the search engines.

Here at Digital Estate we know how to monitor and check each website that is linking to your business as well as create a multitude of new links that will help you shoot up the results page and sit comfortably on top of all your competition. We know what sites are powerful and we know which sites hurt.

There are a few other factors that need to be taken into consideration like the anchor text used to hyperlink to your website, where on a website is linking to yours, how often new links are created and lost as well as what kind of websites are linking to you.

All this is taken care of when we take control of your Search Engine Optimisation.

Why Choose Digital Estate

Here at Digital Estate we know no bounds when it comes to growing your business. We understand its not just about how high your website sit’s in Google, how many leads your website gets through social media, or how much you spend on your marketing.

What matters is all of the above and the effect it has directly related to your marketing investments. Its no good spending $1000 per month on marketing to make back $1000. We understand this and make sure to produce you a great return on investment and a long lasting campaign that keeps your business growth in overdrive.

The truth is, most Search Engine Optimisation companies don’t know how to rank a website. They focus on selling SEO at a high rate to get as many people on board, then tell you it takes 6 months to see any results. Results should be seen from 30 days onward. Most local business we work with are at the top of Google by the end of month 3.

Once your at #1 in your area, we start targeting other keywords and continue to build out our online assets. We will do our best to make sure your competition never has a chance to regain the upper hand.

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