Save time and money and fit more work in a day while generating leads for your services with geolocated websites that work!


Get more calls from people in your most convenient locations.

Imagine never having to travel far for onsite jobs or being able to generate leads on autopilot that are all within a close vicinity of your business. This is what our coveted local lead generation model can do for your business.

We set up landing pages and local websites that are highly targeted to whichever locations you choose, generating a steady stream of leads to grow your revenue and explode your profits faster.

Local leads mean less travel time for onsite quotes and the ability to fit more into your day meaning more paychecks and less traffic jams.

We market to your target audience in your target locations
Promote services with higher return on investment


Promote the services that provide a better ROI

As well as picking a specific location we can target a particular service! In business there are always services that provide a better return on investment and higher profits. Capitalise on those and double down with a highly targeted local website generating service specific leads from the location of your choice.

When you opt for a local lead package we sit down and find out exactly what services you want more sales in, where you want them and how much new work you can take on. From there, we produce a high converting local funnel that delvers the results you want on a silver platter.


Means more money in your pocket

A website is an asset that works tirelessly through all hours of every day generating leads for your business. So why not have more? The cost of generating multiple website, multiple SEO & PPC campaigns and management can be a huge risk for a business owner, but not when you partner with Digital Estate.

We curb the cost and the risk for business owners looking to generate more leads by taking on the risk ourselves. By retaining ownership of all local lead generation website we can provide the service at a rate that provides awesome returns on your investment while lowering the risk you have in online asset management and the investment it cost to set up.

Each lead generating website gets your logo, your brand and your services out in the local community taking yet another spot from your competition while providing another way for your business to generate revenue. Partnering with us is Win Win.


  • We set up a website for every location and every service you want to generate more leads with.
  • Each website is produced from a winning landing page design built to convert visitors into leads.
  • On each website a visitor will have the choice to contact you directly or alternatively, to sign up for an info product in exchange for their contact details. This means every website caters to visitors that are ready to buy now, and those who are still making a decision.
  • Those who do not contact you directly will be re-marketed to via value packed emails and PPC re-targeting campaigns to increase conversions for your business.
  • Each website is promoted via PPC, SEO, SMM, Content marketing and also receives conversion rate optimisation meaning you get everything in one.


  • This marketing plan is 100% scale-able and has helped business owners move into new territories and push out the competition.
  • Every lead generated is owned by your business and never shared with any competition.
  • We also put your logo and branding on our niche websites at your request to increase your brand awareness and educate consumers about your business.

Building out this foundation of lead generating properties is the perfect strategy for a growing business looking to make strides in the industry. Perfect for taking over new territories in neighbouring cities or suburbs this strategy is perfect for all size companies.

Start with just one property and expand as your profits grow, or go all out and show your competition you mean business with optimised campaigns in all the major cities.

Partner with us for long term business gains both in Territory and Revenue.

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Warning: We are here to help you grow. It is our job to send as many qualified leads to your door step as possible, but it is your closing rate and ability to bring those leads inside that will truly generate optimal revenues and return on investment. If your not passionate about your business, or your simply don’t care about your customers then please don’t waste our time applying below.

We work with business owners who can see where they want to go and will do everything in their power to get there before the competition. If your dedicated to your business and its growth, claim your free strategy session below.