Increase the quality & number of leads your business receives through PPC and landing page optimisation using cutting edge campaigns.

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More Leads Means More Profits

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) will bring traffic to your website, offer or landing page faster than any other marketing online. A PPC campaign optimised for the right target audience is a scale-able and predictable way to double, triple and quadruple your leads, sales and reach online. The power of this method comes from its ability to get in front of the right people and scale.

Imagine this. You know exactly who your perfect target market is. You set up an Ad Words campaign and a landing page to send that traffic to an offer of value that encourages the lead to take action.
After testing for a couple months you find that spending $100 per day sends 20 leads that turn into an average of 5 customers sales.
If your business is in the position to work with 10 new sales per day, you know you need to invest another $100 per day to reach that goal. Scale-able, predictable results. But that isn’t the only great thing about PPC in 2016.

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Offer value to the right people and explode your sales!

In 2016 Facebook, Google and Twitter know more about you than you could imagine. The ability to target audiences based on sex and locations is just the top of the iceberg. With Facebook, you can find customers due to their likes, what sites they have visited, what brands they follow and more. Once you know your target audience you can hone in and force your way into their subconscious.

With the ability to market so precisely and instantly get in front of anyone, PPC is a game changer for any business.

You may have given it a go yourself, dipped your toes in for a test and watched your budget disappear before deciding that PPC just doesn’t work but the truth is, it works better than ever.


Double Triple and Quadruple Your Sales Fast!

Have you ever been searching for something online then all of a sudden its everywhere? In the sidebar of other websites and even on your personal Facebook timeline! Those companies must be spending a fortune right! Well not exactly.

This is called Re targeting and is a standard feature of our PPC strategies to help drive up conversions and sales for your business. When we market to your target audience, anyone who clicks on an offer, views your website or likes your social media accounts is then put on high priority and shown your advertising at a higher frequency. Not only does this increase the likely hood of a sale. It gives the impression your business is the biggest, baddest and most valued while driving you deep into the potential leads subconscious.

Nothing increases sales like re-targeting.

Business re-marketing campaigns


When it comes to the crunch, we want you to get the best return on investment for your business. We know from experience that combining your Pay Per Click campaign with a Landing Page and Split testing for Conversion Rate Optimisation is the fast track to predictable increases in revenue.

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Be Aware: It is not possible to get a return on investment without investing. If your not in a position to invest in your own business there isn’t much we can do to help. Our PPC campaigns are high converting, cutting edge techniques that take time to develop and implement. Getting a huge ROI will never happen over night but will happen in a respectable time frame. If you’re looking for a quick over night win, buy lotto. But if your willing to work as hard as we will to climb all over your competition and bring a return on investment turning your $1 into $3, we are waiting ambitiously for your application.