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To increase your revenue you need more than just an SEO campaign from a dodge marketer. Digital Estate puts together all the pieces with SEO strategies that cover all aspects of online marketing getting you in front of more people in Google, YouTube, Social Media and other websites across the internet. Driving all this traffic to your site not only increases your revenue, it also increases your visibility in the search engines driving even more customers and perpetually increasing your revenue.

decrease your cost and increase your revenue
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Get Ready To Grow, Fast!

From the very start of our campaigns we start driving quality leads to your online assets. This results in new sales and higher return on investment well before your website makes strong hold on the front page of Google. In 2017 it’s not just about link building and paid advertising. Google wants to see popular websites that engage the customers offering value and answering questions. Here at Digital Estate that is exactly what we do with our competitive online campaigns.


Not Just Google. YouTube, Press, Social Media and More.

This is what sets Digital Estate apart from the mediocre. Most SEO strategies focus on spending all your investment in gaining higher rankings on Google. This is a good strategy that pays off once you hit that spot, but It takes time to get to the top in 2017 and while your spending all this money, your sales don’t really increase.

The main goal of a search engine optimisation campaign is not to get higher in Google, it is to increase your leads, sales, and revenue. When you partner with Digital Estate we get you to the top of Google but while that is happening, we also get you traffic from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Press Releases, and many other traffic dense spots across the web.


Online marketing changes as quickly as the tide and without your finger on the pulse your left to guesswork and mediocre results. Most SEO companies spend more time closeing deals than keeping ahead of the curve.

Here at Digital Estate we do things differently. By completely revolutionising the way we market online we have opened the doors to larger profits for our clients keeping our retention rates high and giving us a better view of the changes as they happen in digital marketing.

Long Term Marketing Strategy


Have you herd of Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird and Possum? These are the names of Algorithmic Updates Google rolled out over the last couple years.

These updates destroyed rankings for websites that were being marketed using an older aproach to SEO. If your marketing company was not sticking to Google’s guidelines well, you got screwed.

We make sure to do things in a way that Google have asked. Promoting your website and your brand across several lead generating platforsm


Imagine possessing the ability to see inside your competitions online marketing campaigns and replicate what is working well. Some might call this black hat but we call it intelligent analysis. Why spend money testing when you can have the answers for a fraction of the time and cost.

We have strategies and software in place that lets us tap into your competitors campaigns and piggy back off there marketing investments. Saving you time and money while allowing us to have a head start on your campaign. There is no better way to start a campaign than with data driven from your competitions efforts.

find whats working in your industry
Increase user engagement


The number one important feature of your online campaign is your website. Having a website that ranks high in the search engines requires On page SEO, which consists of optimised meta data, title and header tags, keyword density, related media, schema micro-data, mobile friendliness and a whole lot more. When we become your marketing partner you will get a free full SEO audit with instructions detailing how to implement everything. But that’s not all.

Another important aspect is user experience (UX). This is something overlooked by most but can turn a website making 10 sales from 100 customers into a website making 40+ sales from 100 customers. UX optimisation squeezes every little peice of profit from your websites and also helps rank the website in the search engines. Google measures the time your visitors spend on pages, if they hit the back button, how many pages they view and where they end up. All this information is taken into consideration by algorythims that decide where your placement is in Google.

Why Choose Digital Estate

Because it’s worth it. You didn’t find this website by chance, we put it in front of you because you are the target market we are looking for. You want to reach more customers and increase your revenue, and we can give that to you.

If your going to invest a good deal of money into your marketing its a better alternative to join forces with a marketing partner, than to simply hire a random agency. We see all partnerships as partnerships. If we do not increase the money you are making, you will leave and with it, our hard work goes to waste. As you can imagine this is the last thing we want or need so the solution?

We only work with clients we KNOW we can help. Not only that, we will continue to grow your business for the length of our partnership. It doesn’t stop when you hit spot one on Google.

If that’s not enough, here is some more reasons.

We have the software, expertise and staff to smash your competition. Our strategies are not simply SEO but also PPC (Pay Per Click), social media marketing, Video production and promotion, press release syndication, landing page design, local lead generation through separate entity websites and a whole range of other services.

There is and never will be a one shoe fits all system for promoting your business online.But there is a one shoe fits all SEO agency. Although we do provide standard packages we also stay fluid and adapt to your niche, your customers and your needs to bring out the best in your online marketing campaign.

Did I mention we are Melbourne based and available when ever you need us?

Get Your Free Consultation

Be Aware: Before you go ahead and claim your free consultation I want to make sure you are aware of what we are offering.

Taking on new clients and becoming the authority provider for your service comes with responsibilities. You may have to take on new staff members, grow to new territories and maybe even get a bigger office but the one thing you need to do is be passionate and ambitious about your business.

If your looking for a couple more calls per month or a cheap churn and burn SEO company then this is not for you and please do not waste our time. If however your going to take your business to the top no matter what then we at Digital Estate applaud your efforts and would love to help you achieve your ambitions.

The button below is time sensitive, right now we are giving these strategy sessions away for free but that wont last. Once we hit our quota it’s back to charging for our strategy session’s. If you want to get yours underway and really see what we can do for you, fill out the form now before the chance subsides.

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