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Life changes and so do your goals. Take advantage of our Month to Month SEO Gold Coast contracts and never stress over your marketing again.

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We have the power and the SEO knowledge to rank your website in both Local Maps and Organic Search in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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We guarantee results in 60 days or less with a money back offer that has never been claimed. Were that confident in what we do.

How Do We Do It?

Local Gold Coast SEO is what we do which includes managing these three key pillars of search engine optimisation.

Content – Citations – Links


SEO Specialist Gold Coast

Did you know the first 4 listings on Google take up on average 92% of searchers? There is no marketing that reaches more qualified customers than Google. Unlike other forms of advertising including radio, TV and print where you flood the market hoping to get a return on investment, with SEO Gold Coast you are targeting people who are actively looking for your services.

When you want to find a service what do you do? Chances are you “Google It”. If your a local business and want more customers, there is no better place to be than the top 3 or 4 listings in the search engines. This includes Bing (Microsoft growing search engine), and Yahoo. Together, the two smaller search engines make up about 15% of online activity. That’s an extra 15% of customer you could be closing.

Digital Estate not only work to help you claim your territory in the #1 spot on Google. We actively promote your business on the other search engines and make sure to get your local maps pack in the top three positions as well. This gives you a massive increase, doubling your territory in Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s no wonder many business owners who work with us stop focusing on finding more leads, and start focusing on finding more employees.

#1 SEO Expert Gold Coast

Before we can build an effective digital marketing strategy around your business we need to know what your goals are. Our Gold Coast Digital Marketing Consultations let us get to know you and your business as well as set expectations around what to expect from our search engine optimisation packages. The information we gather from this initial SEO consultation will give us everything we need to bring the most profitable customers right to your business.

The Best Gold Coast SEO Company At Your Fingertips.

We consider our services to be the best SEO in the Gold Coast for a multitude of reasons, the first reason revolves around the results we bring. But we also pride our team in bringing quality support and advice when ever you need it. Our digital marketing services don’t stop with ranking your site, we can also look after maintenance, setup security, improve speed and user experience and the list goes on. We are the best Gold Coast search engine optimisation experts because we cover all bases in and outside of the online marketing campaign itself.

Three pillars of an effective local SEO strategy

When it comes to getting quick results in the SERPS (search engine results pages) you need to provide the search engines a reason to put you above everyone else. The three main pillars for effective seo services gold coast are quality content, local business citations and high quality backlinks.

1. Content Management

Ever thought about how Google might decide what website is the best website to show for any given topic? With millions of pages targeting each search term and most saying something similar it must be pretty complicated right? Well, kind of but not really. Google wants to show the most relevant results to it’s searchers (googles customers). To do this, a part the search engine algorithm reads and understands everything on your website, on a page by page bases.

To be the best, you must have the most relevant, on topic, quality content in relation to the keywords your trying to rank. Gone are the days of stuffing the keyword on the page 100 times to out do your competition. Google now understands topics, synonyms, sentences and even has aspects that punish websites who try to game it by stuffing keywords.

We make sure to avoid any nasty penalties that could eat up your SEO budget while optimising different pages for different keywords to ensure each page stays right on topic. This also works in your favour by giving the reader exactly what they were looking for.

This is just one aspect of content management and how quality content effects your ranking. We know all the do’s and dont’s and use that knowledge to our advantage while creating new pages and posts for your website every month. Doing this makes you the authority and also increases the number of keywords you business dominates in the SERPS. Claim Your Territory on the Gold Coast!

2. Your Business Everywhere

Have you listed your business in the yellow pages? How about Yelp? What about the other 250 locations where Australians actively look for services just like yours?

Within the first month with Digital Estate we will add your sought after business in over 250 different Australian Directories. That’s over 250 new doors that lead customers to your business. This is a powerful first step, yet only a fraction of what we can do for you. Remember how I mentioned search engines read and understand content? This happens to all content online be it video, images, social posts and written content. Each and every listing we create tells Google more about your business and gives another great reason to put you above your competition in the golden zone.

Each directory we list your business on provides a backlink. Find out more about why this is detrimental to your Gold Coast SEO campaign below.

3. Powerful Link Building Strategy

Backlinks are the power that push you up the search engines but like all things SEO, if you abuse it or step in the wrong territory BOOOM!

Getting the right number of links, at the right time, using the right anchor text is what makes or breaks a campaign. Google has always put a lot of emphasis on backlinks because people only link to helpful information. If more people are linking to your website, obviously your content is popular right? The issue is, Google got smart.

Just like there are algorithms for content (Hummingbird and Panda) there are link building algorithms too (Penguin). This takes into consideration if the links you are creating are from spammy content, from a dirty industry like drugs and also the anchor text’s your linking with. It was designed to get rid of spam and stop people from performing SEO. But it only works on those who don’t test, adapt and overcome. That is what really sets a great Gold Coast SEO campaign apart from wishful thinking.

We know what links work, we know how to work out the anchor text ratios and we love getting geeky with SEO. Let us find you the best backlinks and help you secure your territory at the #1 spot on Google.

Why Choose Digital Estate

For search engine optimisation gold coast

We open a the gates to a flood of traffic to your website by ranking you everywhere that matters, and not just in the Google Serps. An effective search engine campaign needs to attack all aspects of digital marketing. That includes regular content, ongoing optimisation and reaching out to real businesses and blogs in your area for referrals, placements and testimonials.

Getting your business out there and pinned to the top of Google is our first goal with any SEO Gold Coast strategy, but once we have achieved this our focus shifts to conversion rate optimisation (CRO). CRO is all about getting more from what you have. If 100 visitors reach your website but only 10 give you a call, effective CRO can help you squeeze out more profit for your business from the same 100 visitors. To achieve this takes split testing and experience, something we have been doing for years. Just a few simple tweaks to your website user experience and we can turn 10 out of 100 visitors calling into 20 out of 100, effectively doubling your incoming business leads. That is just one reason to pick Digital Estate as your Gold Coast digital marketing company.

Reason two is just as powerful reason to go with or SEO Gold Coast services. Digital Estate’s digital strategist’s are always learning and testing new techniques to keep ahead of the curve. We are active members of all the top digital marketing groups and share ideas with the leading SEO consultants around the globe. Partnering with Digital Estate as your Gold Coast digital consultants means you get access to knowledge that’s been tested by SEO Geeks around the globe.

We practice what we preach. Besides our loyal customers referrals, we gain almost all our clients through search engine optimisation techniques. You wont find us on the radio or through TV, we’re not on any billboards or print’s. We are in the search engines and we rank for some of the most competitive search terms both on a national and local scale.

Most importantly, we care about the support and results we provide. If we can’t help your business, we’ll let you know before you ever pay a dollar. If we take on a project and can not bring results in 60 days, we provide a money back option. We provide no risk SEO.


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