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There’s a growing number of search engine optimisation companies in Australia that don’t focus on SEO and neglecting to produce tangible results for their clients. Instead, they focus on selling to a large crowd to keep ahead of attrition rates. Chances are you have come across a company like this either through the phone or via email. Digital Estate is different!

We don’t have a large sales team disturbing business owners all day long. We use the same techniques to grow our business, as we use to grow yours.

Quality Content that provides value and educates your visitors into clients.

Search Engine Optimisation so those who want SEO services can find us with ease.

Local Directories Submission that help provide extra routes to our digital services.

Experience the difference with our Newcastle SEO packages and reap the benefits the search engines are waiting to provide.


Every Newcastle business looking to grow should at least explore the avenue of search engine optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation is marketing that focuses on increasing your exposure to customers through the search engines. These search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo, local maps packs and also social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

For a local business to gain exposure, the right kind of SEO needs to be performed in order to gain attention from the right crowd online. Below, we have covered the best places to gain new customers with Newcastle SEO.

Digital Marketing Newcastle

The population of a city dramatically effects the time it takes for digital marketing to take effect and bring results. With a population hovering around 500,000 Newcastle is an easy target for anyone willing to invest in the right kind of SEO. Provided your SEO company knows what they are doing, ranking increases in a city of this size will be seen within the first 30 days with an increase in calls following shortly there after.

The following paragraphs cover the best approach for an effective SEO Newcastle strategy.

Multiple Avenues for Explosive Growth

Believe it or not, Google is not the only search engine used by Australians. When marketing to the world it’s important to know where you rank and where your traffic is coming from. We have experienced sharp increases in sales through creating multiple avenues for traffic to reach your business, even when rankings have not changed in Google.

Google & Bing

First priority will always be Google with its huge market share, however, recently Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) has been making a strong and steady come back. With most new Windows computers coming standard with Bing, it’s a great way to reach the older generations and also add around 10% more calls to your monthly quota. We make sure your website and SEO strategy incorporates both search engines to give you access to more potential leads online.

Local Maps Listings

Local Maps packs generate a whole lot of traffic that is local to your business location. Optimising this is the best way to generate more foot traffic for restaurants and cafe’s or generate work that requires much less travel to and from. Our strategy focuses on increasing your position in Maps both in Google and Bing, giving you two spots on the front page and doubling the visitors to your website. Now that is effective SEO.

Australian Directories

Some people still search the old school way. Yellow Pages, Yelp, Hot Frog, True Local and about 250 other local business directories are still in operation, generating millions of visitors collectively. Our effective digital marketing strategy gets you listed on every Australian directory giving you the best chance of snapping up an old school lead. Every listing we create, is an opportunity to generate more business for as long as the website is online.

Outreach & Referrals From Local Blogs

A powerful strategy we use in our Newcastle SEO strategy is Outreach. Every business you work with will have a website that has traffic related to your business. We get in touch and build relationships with the site owners then do what we can to get them to place a link on their website to yours. This sends more local traffic your way and also acts to help increase your rank in the search engines.

We also take care of outreach to local blogs asking for a link back to your website in exchange for content. This is a great way to gain powerful, relevant links for your site and also generate more referral traffic that leads into sales.

These strategies are just a few we use when fulfilling your Newcastle SEO services. Contact us to learn more or speak to an SEO consultant about a Digital Estate partnership today before we work with a competitor and sign the non compete.


Why Choose Digital Estate

Partnering with Digital Estate shouldn’t be something taken lightly. Ranking number one in the search engines for quality keywords in your niche is the fastest way to generating 10 times more work. It’s not uncommon for our clients to hire new workers, increase the size of their fleet, and smash 1 year goals in as little as 3 – 4 months.

We have seen it happen over and over again. That’s why when you call us, we wont sell you on the biggest package and aim for the stars. We’ll get to know your current situation, your business goals, and where you want to be in 3, 6, and 12 months from now. That way we can grow your business at a pace that suits you.

We’re here to look out for you look out for you 24/7, every step of the way. Our goal isn’t to make a sale and flail, we work on building roots for your business and supplying you with all the digital nutrition you need to flourish.

We can help your business with everything from new web properties, content marketing, social media management (SMM), paid advertising (PPC) and our executive search engine optimisation (SEO).

Not only will we help you with all your online marketing requirements, we have stellar support that connects you with the digital marketing consultants who make the decisions, and get the work done.

Let us help you grow your business faster!

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