We build your website targeting your audience with the right message to convert visitors to sales, & nurture information seekers to buyers.


Pretty and Powerful, Putting Money In Your Pocket

Where your average website designer focuses on producing a pretty website to please the purchaser, we take it a step further adding in all the features of an optimised landing page to convert visitors into leads and sales.

With over half the visitors to your average website looking for information and not ready to make a buying desion. We create insentives that gather the leads information that can be pluged into your CRM or Auto responder and nurtured into a sale. This alone increases leads in your pipeline and skyrockets revenue.

With the ability to convert your traffic at a higher rate, you will have more profits to invest back into your marketing meaning exponensial growth for your company and a dust cloud that leaves your competition lost in the rear view.

Conversion Rate Optimised website
mobile and tablet freindly websites


So Anyone Anywhere Can Become Your Next Client!

Over 60% of online users who visit a website do it from a mobile device. Our websites are designed to look stunning on Mobile or Tablet and convert just as well no matter how your visitors reach your website.

Mobile Optimised Websites are nessasary in 2016 with user experieince (UX) meaning more to search engines than ever before. When we build your website we take into consideration load speed, call to actions and navigation to lead your users into your funnel.


For better visibility online and lower PPC Prices

Our WordPress websites aren’t just built for conversions. We make sure every website loads quickly, and follows the best On Pages SEO guidelines to enures a higher position in Google and a lower cost per click with adwords.

A perfectly optimised websites tells search engines everything about your business, social activity and what you have to offer. Getting this all right means Google is more likely to show you to the customers your targeting and means lower cost per click with Adwords, as well as a faster more cost effective rise to the top in the search engines.

For an all in one website that converts, ranks and saves cash.


Having a website that just sits there looking pretty is like hiring a receptionist to go to war!

In business the sales ground is your battle field and your up against all your competiton. There are multiple fronts to defend and new threats apearing all the time. Having a high conversion website working for you 24/7 is your defence against those threats and the best way to get one up on your competition. Simply raising your conversion rate on your website by 20% will results in 20% more profits! Does that sound good?

Lets look at a simple example: Barry owns a construction business and has a website that was built back in 2010 (oh dear!). He invests $2,000 per month into adwords sending quality traffic from the search engines to his website and averaging about 1000 visitors per month. From that 1000 visitors he gets 100 phone calls at a website conversion rate of 10%.

Barry desires to re-brand his business and contacts Digital Estate about building a new high converting website. His new site comes with all the features of a landing page and looks great on mobile. It has call to actions and also captures the details of information seekers so they can be targeted later.

Now that visitors to the website have clear cut instructions to get in contact from both desktop and mobile devices, Barry sees an increase in leads of 20% making his total conversions 30%.

If each lead Barry closed had an average lifetime value of $5000 (construction business) and he had a closing rate of 5% before the website upgrade he would have been turning over 5 jobs at a value of $25,000.

With the new website and the same 5% conversion rate he would turn over 15 jobs making $75,000! 


Now that Barry is turning over three times the profit he has the ability to invest more into advertising. Simply doubling the ad spend will double the leads and double the sales meaning his $4,000 investment now makes him $150,000. This is why its so crucial to have a website that works hard for you. While your competition spends more on sending people to the website, successful business owners first double down on a well orchestrated website that doubles, triples or quadruples the number of conversions from traffic your already getting.

The above example works for any business and Digital Estate are experts in bringing out the best in your business helping you convert more “visitors” into “sales” so you can invest more into advertising and scale to the moon.

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